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Tata Projects

The Challenge

Tata Projects, part of the multinational Tata Group is the fastest growing and highly admired infrastructure companies in India.

With services such as executing complex industrial and urban infrastructure, Tata Projects wanted to shine a light on each of their business units and give them the digital space they needed to promote their services and achievements.

They needed a content driven corporate website that detailed their businesses capabilities in a structured format based on the best user practices.

Our Consulting Approach

In our audit of their existing website we found close to 50-60 pages hidden within each other, reducing the accessibility of content. Also, their business units did not have dedicated pages or sections.

After conducting stakeholder interviews we gathered information about each business unit, it’s capabilities and achievements.

The strategy was to create a CMS based business style website that was intuitive and highlighted Tata Projects’ larger than life persona.

Execution Strategy


  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Current Website Audit
  • Research
  • Benchmarking

UI Design

  • Enigmatic, larger-than-life images and interactions
  • Visual storyboarding for homepage

Web Strategy

  • Rebranding strategy for brand positioning
  • Bring focus on every business line
  • Mobile responsive design approach

Technology Solutions

  • Custom based CMS developed
  • Front-end UI developed
  • Social media plug in integrated

UX Strategy

  • Dedicate landing pages to every business unit to show breadth and depth of work

Managed Services

  • Periodical analytics and insights
  • Design services
  • Content and technical support


Repositioning strategy

Binging each business unit into the limelight and showcasing Tata Projects depth in the infrastructure industry

Creative banners for all business lines

Adding an enigmatic feel to the various business units within the company by creating banners that creative show their work

Social Media Plugin

Crosslinking all social media platforms to the website to create long-term engagement

Storytelling approach

Using storytelling elements to showcase the all services in a creative, connect way, on the homepage.


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Simplified user journey
Easily accessible content
Immersive experience on home page

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