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ACG Project Management System

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The Challenge

Complete projects successfully within predetermined deadlines and budget

Executing and completing projects successfully at rapid pace in this fast-paced competitive world is the primary challenge. Faster time-to-market is the key here. The end-to-end NPD process must be smooth and quick.

Stakeholders demand innovation and on-time delivery, within budget, even for large and complex projects. However, only 2.5% of the companies successfully completed 100% of their projects. This is when Project Management System comes into play in an enterprise. Project Managers must leverage project management system to create value in the competitive

Our Consulting Approach

Our research and benchmarking revealed that the most important thing for financial websites is to cater to specific needs of an expansive range of audience; different locations, levels of educations, customised requirements, and varied level of awareness towards financial products and processes.

This meant creating numerous scenarios to ensure users find what their looking for, within 3 clicks. The other important aspect was content. Knowledge centre articles and FAQs had to be optimised to make the site search friendly.

The strategy proposed was to create a full-fledged, functional banking and financial services website that would cater to users in a smarter, more efficient way while increasing its digital footprint online.

Execution Strategy


  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Current Website Audit
  • Research
  • Benchmarking

UI Design

  • Interactive illustration style design approach
  • Visually strong communication

Web Strategy

  • Corporate styled banking website
  • Easily digestible communication for all personas
  • Online loan application process built

Technology Solutions

  • C#
  • Umbraco (CMS)
  • MVC - 4
  • MS SQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript & Jquery

UX Strategy

  • Persona journey mapping
  • Using buying and education scenarios to build user flows
  • Navigation and CTA placements
  • Access to actionables within 3 clicks

Content Services

  • SEO content services
  • Articles and blog writing services


Interactive Dashboard

ECO NPD PMS has got an interactive dashboard where you get to see all the information at a glance, making it easier for you to understand the status of the project and take actions accordingly

Personalised View

This NPD based project management system enables a personalised view of projects. User can either choose card style or list view, just the way he wants.

Easy access to the latest documents

Stay up-to-date and help your team to stay updated as well. Whether it is a word document, a spreadsheet or a presentation, team members have an access to all the versions of all the documents of the project.

Task creation and delegation

Create new tasks and associate them with projects, phases and cards. Attach relevant documents and describe assignments which makes the complete communication clear then and there.

Resource Management

Easily balance workload by assigning right tasks to right people. A browse through at the system will help you know who is free and who is not, today, tomorrow, this week or this month. You can quickly re-assign tasks and balance the load amongst your team members.

Discussions Creation

Initiate a private or public discussion; public ones can be seen by all users involved in projects. However, private will be seen by the selected users in a particular department. Associate a discussion with a project, phase, and card. Give it a title and attach documents.


Increase in lead generation
Increase in web traffic and engagement
Reduced bounce rates

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Simplified user journey
Easily accessible content
Immersive experience on home page

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