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The Challenge

Greaves Cotton Limited is a 160 year old diversified engineering company and the leading manufacturer of CNG, petrol and diesel engines, generator sets, pump sets and construction equipment.

To increase its reach globally and improve brand recall value, Greaves Cotton needed a website wherein each business gets focus and all the product information is displayed in a structured manner.

Greaves Cotton’s existing website was a one-page website with poor quality design and no prominence to business. As the website was not SEO friendly, website traffic was low. Moreover, the user-focused navigation and touchpoints were missing and it was not responsive.

Our Consulting Approach

An internal audit of the website revealed that due to the lack of user friendly navigation and two-way interactions, lead capturing was not happening. Moreover, poor quality of images and unstructured information did not encourage customers to know more about those products.

After the rigorous brainstorming sessions and trends mapping, we came to a conclusion that the website should have dedicated pages for all business lines with a scalable design that can be extended to an ecommerce experience in future.

The strategy was to to build a new-age, user-friendly website that is responsive, with clear and concise product information in a structured way across all their business lines.

Execution Strategy


  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Current Website Audit
  • Research
  • Benchmarking

UI Design

  • Larger than life interactive and animated banners
  • Visually strong communication
  • Hotspots on product images

Web Strategy

  • Futuristic E-commerce styled website
  • Product finder
  • Dealer locator
  • Brochure downloads
  • Interactions, touchpoints and lead generation mechanism

Technology Solutions

  • Google Maps integration
  • CMS development
  • Ecommerce scalability

UX Strategy

  • User journey mapping
  • Navigation and CTA placements
  • Two-way communication
  • Mobile-first approach

Content Services

  • Micro-content structuring
  • Making existing content more snackable
  • Infographics
  • Blogs


Product finder

A quick and an easy way to find the product that customers are looking for.


An interactive way of labelling the product

Dealer locator

A form that lets customers locate a dealer near them in 4 simple steps

Savings calculator

An interactive way to calculate savings if customers use Ampere against their existing vehicles


Well-researched blogs to educate customers and bring awareness


Increased website traffic
Better lead generation
Improved brand recall value

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Pixels Pushed
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Simplified user journey
Easily accessible content
Immersive experience on home page

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