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The Challenge

Club Mahindra Holidays, a part of Mahindra Group is one of India’s leading timeshare companies with over 50 resorts at top holiday destinations, striving to give unforgettable vacation experience to its members.

While the milennials can plan trips on their own, Club Mahindra wanted to turn its attention to the 50+ age group and make their vacation planning effortless.

The need was to get a portal built through which they can plan travels and do end-to-end hotel booking and management.

Our Consulting Approach

From a small idea to a feature-packed holiday booking engine, the entire conceptualising and ideating  the product and executing it through a digital medium was the task at hand. It included an extensive research to understanding the audience and its user behaviour, creating strong user journeys and work flows targeted to that segment.

After a lot of meetings with Club Mahindra’s marketing and branding team, the customer portal was conceptualised with end-to-end booking management through a points system.

The strategy was to create a portal to make bookings and managing rooms bookings so easy that the target audience could do it on-the-go in minutes.

Execution Strategy


  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Current Website Audit
  • Research
  • Benchmarking

UI Design

  • Realistic banners
  • Clean styling to make the information easily digestible
  • Clear and concise form

Web Strategy

  • Strong documentation
  • Multiple touchpoints
  • Clear CTAs

Content Services

  • Personalised communication tone
  • Storytelling approach
  • Making existing content more snackable
  • Clear representation of information

UX Strategy

  • User journey mapping
  • User-friendly navigation
  • CTA placements
  • Workflows for room bookings, booking management and payments


ASF and EMI payment

Easy payment of Annual Subscription Fee through points system

Car booking

Members can also book car from the portal and make their travel easy

Circuit booking

Lets members to book more than one hotels on a single trip

EKYC documents

This product has the best way to maintain their EKYC documents

Quick and easy holiday booking

Lets members plan, book and manage holidays in quick and easy steps

Referral points

Members also get referral points on giving reference for membership

Resort location tracker

Easily know the address and exact location of the resort using this tracker


Members can post photos of the resort and give the reviews and ratings to help other members to make an ideal choice

Season calendar

Gives clear insights to members about peak and off seasons. Based on seasons, differential pricing is displayed


Increased interaction with chosen target audience
Spike in room bookings
Higher sales of membership

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