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Smart+Connected Spaces

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Smart+Connected Spaces
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The Challenge

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco is a multinational technology conglomerate and a leader in IT and networking. It manufactures and sells hardware, equipment, and high-technology products and services.

For the efficient management of workplace resources and optimized collaboration, they built Cisco Smart+Connected™ Meeting Spaces, an app that simplifies meeting room reservation and resource management process.

Targeted at employees, the app simplified room scheduling, improved visibility of room occupancy, and enhanced collaboration experience for end users. Administrators got insights into room usage with detailed reports on rooms, locations, users, and departments. However, performing the key tasks quickly was a challenge for them. Tasks like booking a conference room, searching for an employee, and reserving a workstation near a particular employee were time-consuming.

Our Consulting Approach

Interviews with stakeholders helped us understand that there is room for improvement in terms of UI and UX. So we initiated our research which included brainstorming and benchmarking references to enhance the user experience and simplify key tasks. After a profound discussion with the client, we knew we had to enhance the user interface and user experience without re-engineering the app and impacting the technology architecture. We understood the objectives, created user personas and then formed strategies.

At EvolutionCo, we performed various exercises to find out the level of customization possible. In addition to that, we also created branding guidelines and wireframes.

The proposed strategy was to reduce the number of screens and integrate multiple features in one screen so as to make it easier for employees to perform key tasks like looking for conference rooms, workspaces, buildings and colleagues, and for booking collaborative spaces.

Execution Strategy


  • Current Application Audit
  • Research
  • Benchmarking

UI Design

  • Minimalistic design style with focus on actions
  • Logo conceptualising and designing

Rebranding Strategy

  • Logo branding
  • Building design guideline

UX Strategy

  • Simplified UX by integrating multiple features in one screen to reduce number of clicks


One-view Booking

View all facilities available in a particular conference room before booking it

Advanced Search

Locate people, meeting rooms, workspaces and buildings


Branding and design of logo


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Perform key tasks in 2 clicks
Enhanced user journey
40 + screens reduced to 10

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