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Allianz Roadside Assistance

  • Services:Web, Tech, UX/UI

The Challenge

Allianz, a leader in the German market for insurance and asset management has a strong international presence. The company offers a comprehensive range of insurance and fund products to more than 86 million customers in 70+ countries.

In order to increase their reach, boost sales and maximize revenue, they wanted to target searching for roadside assistance by creating a separate micro site so users could buy insurance plans from them.

Our Consulting Approach

After the interviews with stakeholders, one-on-one meetings with client, detailed research, comprehensive brainstorming sessions, and meticulous planning, we came up with an ideal plan for a simplified solution.

The strategy proposed was to build a mobile-adaptive design for Allianz roadside assistance and simplify the process for buying policies.

Execution Strategy

Web Strategy

  • Landing page that focuses on showcasing roadside assistance plans to users

Technology Solutions

  • ASP.NET | C# | MVC - 4 | MS SQL | HTML & CSS | Javascript & Jquery

UX Strategy

  • Mobile first approach
  • Plans and pricing given upfront

UI Design

  • Corporate styled design


Easy Purchase Option

3-click policy purchase process

Long Scroll Homepage

Benefits, plans, features, FAQs – all information at one place upfront

Mobile Adaptive Design

Screens designed to be adaptive to all screen sizes so users can buy plans on the go


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