An Initiative to Tap the Untapped IoT Opportunities
in the B2B Market

TCL IoT - B2B Ecommerce Website

Tata Communications Ltd.
IoT Marketplace

Absence of a one-stop B2B eCommerce platform in India for IoT solutions

To create a digital business model that caters to the rising need for IoT technology

To build a robust system to collaborate IoT businesses across the globe


Ideate, design and build an IoT based B2B marketplace

Create a common ground for enterprise leads, online sales and partner engagement programs

Online positioning through workshops and brainstorming GTM Partner and Vendor Partner onboarding

GTM Partner and Vendor Partner onboarding


Generated qualified enterprise business leads

Substantial record of online sales revenue

Birth of an exemplary method and alternate sales channel

Better ROI over the traditional sales approach

Multipurpose TCL-iot

Guided Selling Proposition

We mapped the cutting-edge and industry-first solutions with utility-based information for better comprehension. Thus, our partners can easily access the smart, automation, tracking, and efficiency-enhancing solutions best suited for them.


The sale is in the details

The product detail page is highly decorated with actual imagery and relevant buckets of information. The ‘zoom on hover’ feature is complemented with details of features, specifications, and application details.


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