Designing a seamless web experience
for Lykis India

Corporate Website For FMCG Leader Lykis India

Lykis India
Website Revamp

Designing a digital communication for a leading FMCG brand that showcases their strength as a business & brand

The portfolio for over 400 products and 1200 SKU’s needed to be showcased optimally

Communication needed to suit all user types & journeys


Identifying different User Personas

Understanding User journeys

Crafting an Information Architecture on the basis of user journey insights


Dynamic and Responsive product catalogue built

Swift navigation made possible on the website

One website catering to the needs of every user type

Quality lead generation and data collection

A 360° FMCG Network

Lykis India is a centralized FMCG brand with over 400 products, 1200 SKUs spread across 30+ countries. Lykis India provides customized FMCG solutions like manufacturing and private labeling. The website served as a holistic space for all of these products and the company’s portfolio.

Multipurpose Multipurpose

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