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and the Planet For All

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages
Corporate Website - India's FMCG Leader

Website Revamp

Giving the website a storytelling feature by collecting and organizing the content in a seamless way.

Establishing the brand as people-oriented and to follow the style that showcases the people factor.

360-degree communication where everyone can take part.


Positioning as the top 5 FMCG company in India and to build the trust of By the people for the people

A storytelling communication style has been used to tell the stories of hccb.

Putting HCCB people as the brand ambassadors, the content revolves around HCCB employees.


The visitor gets to know what’s happening at HCCB in just a scroll.

Great interaction through designs and features letting the people enjoy the long-lasting journey.

Letting people know what HCCB is by adding value and building connections.

A story on its own

The banners on the website are a visual treat they have both images and videos that talk about HCCB’s business and foundation. The communication is fresh, interactive and we get to see the energy and the spirit of people in these banners.


Driving visitors towards their interests

Visitors on this website come from different backgrounds and we have categorically analyzed the interests of everyone and the CTA’s of every piece on the home page will lead to pages of your choice.

All you love in just a fold

The home page talks about everything that is happening in one of the top FMCG Companies in India, visitors are migrated to the page of their interest from the home page, which makes the users access the entire HCCB’s website in a drift.

The eye candy moment that delights you

Catching up the colour, flavour and the essence of every single product visually. The product's placements and the information showcased has its uniqueness.


Tunes as you enter the website

We welcome our visitors with the beautiful music notes that are composed by Maestro Ilayaraja and the words of great Gulzar describes the ethos of HCCB. The music and lyrics go hand in hand giving a pleasant experience for our visitors.


An opportunity to be a part of HCCB

Personas like business objective, talent acquisition, compliance management, brand awareness, CSR amplification & visibility - one point conversation station for multiple personas.


Let's Evolve

Discover how together we can change the world and grow your business, drop in a message and we will connect.