Capgemini: Gamifying the World of
Technology and Innovation

Creative Campaign Management For The
Leading IT Consultant Capgemini


Awareness & engagement for a technology reality show ‘Capgemini Super Techies Show’

Buzzworthy communication to drive intrigue and participation

Build two way communication that allows optimal engagement

Plan and socially integrate every page right from the campaign’s initiation to its end result


A campaign that is website driven towards talent acquisition and brand awareness for a technology reality show

Intuitive and progressive user interface that adapts to campaign stages with relevant content

Social media integration with the user’s essential communication elements was done successfully right from user journeys to campaign phases

Responsive designs and parallax coding for enhanced creative impact


One of a kind two way communication allowed optimum engagement

Increased participation

Provided opportunities to engage with experts Finalists and winners were featured on a global platform

A connection chain was given to them because of the website designing

It’s not a Super Show without You

Capgemini Super Techies Show received strong support and appreciation from business leaders, technology professionals, and students from across India. In each season, technology professionals and students worked on real business challenges put forth by global leaders

Multipurpose Multipurpose

Who runs the show? Techies!

Understanding that every user has his own identity, we launched different types of profiles with different content styles to create a responsive design

Our Idea of Story-telling

Easy to read and aspiring thought- leader driven messages were used to create attractive banners on the homepage

For an interactive homepage, infographics were created to enhance the website’s visual appeal

An Innovative ‘Show’case

To help participants with the show’s details, dynamic communication styles are used that can be easily consumed on the fly

From a scheduled calendar view of the shows to a graphical representation of the seasonal statistics, a systematic timeline was created to encourage user participation

Multipurpose Multipurpose
Multipurpose Multipurpose

A smART website for a creative you

Our users, techies are kept at the heart of this design as seen with an interactive range of infographics

Effective use of illustrations and fonts that are understandable is a key element in our design

A lively and pleasing color scheme on the website is what attracts the audience

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