ACG: Where there’s a Project Management System,
there’s a way

Project Management Application For
Asssociated Capsule Group

Employee Management Application

Executing an integrated communication system that elevates employee engagement and performance

To achieve a 100% project completion rate that is only held by 2.5% of the companies

Design an interactive UI and UX experience

Crafting a quick and smooth end-to-end NPD process


To create a Project Management System that adds value to work in a competitive workspace

Understanding employee-specific needs that need to be incorporated in the system

Tackling workplace barriers with an interconnected virtual platform


A Project Management System that maps successful completion of tasks within predetermined deadlines and budgets

A collaborative workplace with features like systematic resource management, chat forums, and many more

Enhanced user experience with a custom design based on employee journey

The Key To Unlocking a Prolific Workspace


Track Your Work Anytime & Anywhere

The Project Management System has an interactive dashboard that provides users with an array of information at one glance. This enables them to not only track their project status but also helps them communicate better at their workspace.


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