Fintech Customer Experience

"EvolutionCo’s new age Fintech platforms blend standard financial product offerings with the most modern digital layers to create unique offerings for end-customers."

API Banking
Digital Banking era has opened new front lines. Customer touch points are spreading across the Internet, right from wallets, E-commerce Sites, Social Media Sales Points, Billing Companies, Customer ERPs, Regulator and Bureau Feeds, to Corporate Customers pushing and absorbing transactions in their Enterprise Solutions; API is the established pipeline now offered by most of the advanced banking entities. Core Banking vendors have recaliberated their position by providing a robust API framework that allows an organization or Bank to throw open transactions / inquiries / requests / alerts coming in and being responded through API framework.

While API Banking is a necessity for a bank to offer its customer the ease of transacting, internal processes can also be linked using the API framework for cross platform collaboration.

EvolutionCo has executed several projects with well known International brands and has integrated their internal and external systems through API to drive efficiency and creating superior User Experience . Extending beyond the standard API banking boundaries, Banks can also explore into open banking space with EvolutionCo’s extensive API deployment capabilities.

Speak to us to know about our experience with a well known Indian brand where EvolutionCo helped seamlessly integrate their multiple internal systems on disparate technology; thanks to API framework !

Voice Banking
Voice chatbots offer an exciting option for Conversational Banking. Deployed over Amazon Alexa or Google Home, the Voice Chatbots allow integration with Customer facing as well as internally used Enterprise Applications. The use cases are infinite, from “Show me the sales report of Africa Region”, “What are the top 5 payments due today?”, “Please advise last 3 payments in my account”, “Please pay my credit card bill” to “Please present sales forecast for APAC region”, Chatbots transform the human-system interaction and take it to the next level of conversational banking.

EvolutionCo has ready concepts for voice technologies that can integrate with various banking & FI services & products extended through various customer channels. Be it Internet banking, mobile banking, payment App or other banking Apps, we have ready capabilities to voice-enable any and all of these channels with true use of Artificial Intelligence.

Speak to us and experience the marvel of Voice Conversational Banking, “On your call we can execute & we are listening !!”

Customer-first Digital Banking
With years of experience designing customer-responsive user interfaces, we offer customer-first digital banking platforms, both over the Internet and on the mobile. At the heart of making these platforms effective are our services that consolidate data from disparate banking/FI systems, all the while ensuring data integrity, creating a single layer of UI that provides a unique experience to the customer. With an impeccable track record in creating unique user experiences over web and mobile, and a complete understanding of the back-end technology needs related to APIs, our offerings have all that are required for banks & FIs looking for a transformational change in their Digital Platform capabilities. We have the solutions you are looking for to help you maximize your investment on digital technologies, providing your customers with a transformational user experience.

Intelligent Chatbots / Voicebots
Bringing AI & ML to the doorstep of Financial Institutions, our offering extends beyond semi-intelligent chatbots. We offer fully integrated, and highly intelligent bots that can transform product features, customer service and many more functions.