Website testimonials – a trust building path

With the changing trends and mindsets, having a business and a website goes hand-in-hand. Consumers tend to develop a barrier if there is no presence of the company on digital platforms. It’s almost like a website is a green ticket to be legit.

There are shoppers from all walks of life that buy varied products – stationery, hardware, furniture, fabric, devices, vehicles, apartments and what not! Any kind of a buyer be it an expert or a skeptical one, would take the next step after they come across reviews given by fellow buyers or experts – testimonials.

Testimonials are the way!
Testimonials given by the ones who have experienced the use of the product or the service, concreates the trust factor – as it has the human and emotional touch to it. They indeed have the power to convert a window shopper into an actual buyer.

Thus, to have testimonials on a website has become important as well as popular. Placing them smartly can take your business to a higher level. Here’s how that can be done –

1) Face – human feel
Don’t you feel like meeting the person that you’ve been coordinating with from a different city for the same project, meeting? Well, it’s the same here. Visitors would want to see the person who has given the particular explanation, review or feedback about a particular product or service. Putting up the photo of the person who has given the testimonial not only develops the trust-factor but also serves curiosity needs.

2) Designation – the expert title
It is extremely important to put the designation of the person who has given the testimonial. Consumers are more inclined to believe that the testimonials that are given are fake. Putting up a designation is a way to make them more credible. This way, it shows the experience that is needed in that particular area.

3) Upfront – as a primary navigation
You sure must be stacked with a dozen of testimonials that you want to showcase on your website. A good way to do is create a separate page for it. They can be shown in the form of:
Blogs / Case-studies
A thesis as to how the presence of the product or the service has made it better than what it was i.e. in its absence.

Conversational Tone
An entire list of customer’s speak on one page itself.
This way they can be placed upfront on the website as to embrace more conversion rates.

4) Visuals – winning moves
The ball is in your court if your website is interactive, engaging and well-designed. If not, make testimonials play the ace card. See to it that the image of the testimony is not pixelated or if edited, it has been edited nicely. Try to get a decent photo of the person in appealing clothes. The photo could also be with the product that they are giving the testimonial for. Also, not to forget – videos! These videos can be uploaded on YouTube and linked on the website for further visibility.

5) Content – the king
The testimonial should be valid for the product or the service that the website or the company is offering. Keep a tab that the language is in line with the website and there aren’t major grammar issues. The testimonial must talk as to how the product/service has enhanced their lives. It must be relatable enough to make the reader go like -“Ah! Story of my life.”

6) Situate – strategic placing
Place the testimonials where there is a higher tendency for it to be read or where it triggers the purchase of the product or the service.
It could be as a banner on the homepage or the landing page. A testimonial right at the beginning intrigues the customer.
Product Page
Putting them on the page where all the products are put upfront as a display. Testimonials on that page compliments the product page
A section above the footer
There’s nothing for the customers to lose even after they scroll down. More visibility of the testimonials is going to help you at the end of the day.

7) Integrate – social media
Check if the one who gave the testimonial have their presence on social media platforms. If yes, then place those buttons and link those to their social media profiles. Their followers would increase and this would flatter them. Happy customers, happier you!

Putting up testimonials is always going to be useful but putting them correctly is a further victory. Think through your flaw points and push your testimonials to cover them.

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