Striking the Emotional Chord Through Web Design

Globalisation emerged in 1991 and built doors for uniquely ideated start-ups and more job opportunities. Today, markets have saturated as the world has come closer, under one colourful blanket.In this fast-paced world, the usage of computers, tablets and mobile phones have escalated and there is no red signal to it! Owning one of these has actually become a mixture of necessity and luxury.

The usage of internet is soaring higher every moment…

“More than 3.75 billion of us now use the internet, with that number still increasing at a rate of more than 11 new users every second.”

The Next Web

With the constant increase in the use of internet, businesses can reach out to their targeted audience through their website.

What’s in a website?

After coming across a new company name, one hunts for it digitally. Building a website is a legit way to get your business online. Thus, having a website that gives an apt resemblance and description to the image of your company is an ideal option.

A website is a permutation and combination of ideas, strategy, copy, design, coding, and what not! Building a business website is not a cake walk and has to be thought through. Playing the legit face of the brand online, the website should strike the right chord with the audience.

Joining dots of connection

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion.”

Dale Carnegie

Emotions are made up of our cognitions. Cognitions develop by being exposed to different forms of environment, emotions, and art. Consumers make decisions at a subconscious level, on how they feel about. Thus, the entire emotional strategy needs to be thought through.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”

Napoleon Hill

On building engaging website designs

A visitor won’t point out if the fonts and colours are in sync. He will rather see the cumulative picture… If it appeals to him visually, voila! Website is a way to reach out to the maximum online audience. The appeal and emotions that the brand wants to emit, be it rational, humor, etc must come across on the website.

1) Take them by awe

Before even kick-starting the project, the team aspires to make something out-of-the-box which is liked by all. Have multiple brainstorming sessions with the entire team, comprehend the motive and decode the audience. Then, pick your designing tools and use awe-taking animations that suit the story-line or the kind of audience you are looking at. It could be animations, parallax designs or some attractive storyline.


2) Mental Appeal, check

     Visual Appeal, check

Make them dive into the ocean of creativity that serves them the desired information. With eye-catchy visuals, the visitor is sure going to stop by to absorb the information that is being portrayed. Immerse them in tacky, sassy and sensible visuals.



3) Error page? Make the most of it!

It’s a clear slate that you have to draw on. Quench this opportunity and make an interactive and worthy error page that informs the visitors about the status of the page.


4) Spill positive vibes

When a hasty potential target lands on your website, a pleasant and cool colour will soothe their eyes. This will make them wait and absorb the information of the website.


We do come across websites who have a dark look and feel. They have a different thought process to it. Thus, their design must suit their image.


5) Create a flow

Stories! Who doesn’t like stories? Rather than putting in plain and flat content, it’s always better to put it in an amusing fashion. This way there is a flow that keeps the visitor glued to the site. This aids in triggering emotion.


6) Beautiful backgrounds

Pages. Inner-pages.
Sections. Sub-sections.
To not confuse the user, it is vital to have a distinguished background colour that goes with the theme visually segregates the content. Feather on the cap? Gives enhanced user experience!


7) Initiate action!

Greater website interactions, generating more leads online, higher search engine results – these also stand as a purpose of having a website. The website must prompt an action. The ball is in your court if you have a website that balances out such purposes in the website.. Thus, smartly incorporating such elements, is a good practice.




8) Empathize with a combo

The brainstorming that we spoke about earlier, comes till this level! Use a combination of strong imagery and heart-touching copy that relates to the target, on point. Think and feel from the third-eye and empathize with a robust combo.




9) Icon-ic Pointers

To escape the boring bullets, go for well-thought icons. This increases the creativity points in your pocket and you are good to go!



10) Make them wait, in style

While the website buffers and takes time to load, use something eye-catchy that makes them wait. Or direct them or give away some information.

11) Pose la question,

Give away stats!
Sharing statistics and asking questions make the basal for any verbal interaction. For the website, it stands the same. Statistics grab attention and asking questions make them feel special and wanted. Thus, content wise pull-in more statistics and design-wise, make them look appealing

The idea is to get into the blood of the user and decode their varied thoughts. It should leave an impactful mark even on a casual user. “Emotional design turns casual users into fanatics, ready to tell others about their positive experience”.

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