Influence Marketing – Taking the digital era by a stir

“The trends keep changing every minute, it is important to derive new formulae to derive strategic advantages. While the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, it is important to identify elements that would define a perfect marketing mix. To score brand advantage, one should inculcate the power of forecasting change in the trend.”

– Dr. Philip Kotler


Marketing techniques have various permutations and combinations. However, the underlying meaning to it remains intact. Various marketing trends come and go like a blow of wind – but many lay deep roots in the soil to grow in a huge tree bearing varied fruits and flowers.

Here’s going mathematically hypothetical,
(Marketing)(Changing Trends) = Acquiring various milestones
But having “Persuading Customers and Earning Profits” as the constants, industries can conquer heights.

Out of the latest trends, Influence Marketing is the most spoken about. Let’s decode it’s formulae of being in the picture.

Influence Marketing – Rising & Shining
If you influence me to buy a product, you are my influencer. Influence Marketing is when a person influences a huge crowd to buy a particular product. In today’s era of digitalisation, this ‘a person’ should have a solid level of following across social media platforms.

Right time, right place!
The Social Media: An average person spends 2 hours on social media. There are options to follow, share, like, comment, subscribe to any profile. This has the ability to make a daily person like you and me an overnight sensation.

Don’t push it: It’s a human tendency to dislike things that come their way invade privacy. Similar is the case of pushy ads like banners and pop-ups. With influence marketing, there is no way that an ad like that can come in the way. So, consumers would like to cling on to that.

Trust factor – A1: Before reading a novel, going for a movie, you are likely to read reviews given by others – you tend to ask your family or friends. Similarly, you tend to believe and adapt a positive stimulus towards the product that the influencer is talking about

Benefits of Influence Marketing 

1) Brand Awareness, top-notch!
For a brand new product, to create a stir and awareness quickly, influence marketing is the way – because of the number of followers and interaction level.

Rahul Subramanian – One Plus 5T
One Plus roped in Rahul Subramanian a stand-up comedian who is soaring with popularity with multiple sketches to unbox the brand new One Plus 5T. He talking about the new phone in the comical tone turned heads towards him as well as the phone.


Disha Patani –
Disha Patani has always had a strong presence on social media due to her dance, acting and modelling. It further boosted after her career took a filmy turn. was officially launched in 2014 but didn’t receive as much attraction. The advent of influencers like Disha Patani who also have a ID have paved way for its popularity.



2) High credibility, incredibly
Who do consumers listen to before buying a product? Other consumers! Thus, to get hold of popular ‘other consumers’ is the way of Influence Marketing.

stylebyami – Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Ami Patel, a celebrity stylist posted the following to express her happiness for this product. Along with building product awareness, it concreates the trust for a product with a thought like – “A stylist is happy to see a product like this in India to cleanse make-up. This product is sure something.”


Tanmay Bhatt, Mallika Dua – Google Allo
Google Allo, a smart messaging app triggered it’s presence with AIB’s video ‘Flirty Messaging League’. They created a sketch which placed Google Allo as a perfect app to chat with ‘assistance’. This further strengthens the trust amongst the insecure and shy ones!



3) For all sorts of business
It could be a kitchen ware, apparels, or any other item that can get a stroke of popularity with Influence Marketing.

Sumukhi Suresh – Ola Cabs
The already used and commercially popular, Ola Cabs came together with Sumukhi Suresh – a writer, stand-up comedian for a Women’s Day video. With a strong content strategy like that, the video was flooded with likes comments and shares.


Pooja Dhingra – Le 15 cafe
A little mention by Pooja Dhingra, a food blogger, provokes the audience to visit that place and try out that yummy dish.


4) Targeting, on point
The kind of followers an influencer has have got a similar line of taste an interest – unlike big screen celebrities. We’ve Salman Khan fans from different walks of life. Geeky Ranjit would have majorly tech enthusiasts as followers. Rare will be the case of having a 42-year-old man following a fashion blogger.

Prajakta Koli – H&M
Mostly Sane – Prajakta Koli is a YouTube sensation who also writes blogs, is followed by youngies of the generation. She took upto Instagram to showcase her leisure look made together by H&M. , took up to Instagram to showcase her leisure look. H&M got all the needed attention from the young crowd led by Prajakta Koli.


Svetana Kanwar – Nike
A jazz dancer who took over to YouTube to spread her magic has many many followers. There majorly are dancers who hit her followers list. A mention about Nike by this influencing dancer strikes the correct chord with the correct audience.


5) Light on the pocket
Influence marketing is not costly. Just a mention about the product by an influencer be it in a post copy or video, drives the audience’s attention to that product. The influencers aren’t big screens celebrities yet. Thus, to rope them in is always less costly. Sometimes, sending across goodies and hampers to the influencers also gets the work done.

Debasree Banerjee on Instagram


Svetana Kanwar on Instagram


Influence Marketing has its own way to persuade the consumers – it also is the way that calls for extreme level popularity for the brand as well. With such striking benefits, it here is to stay and for sure to grow.

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