Industry giants are rethinking their brand, are you?

Have you ever looked in a mirror and felt you need a style upgrade? Brands are no different. Even they can go outdated and feel the need to redefine. Changing a logo or font of your company’s name may not seem to be a big deal. However, rebranding takes up a substantial effort to shift the customers’ perception for your brand.
A lot of successful brands have done their rebranding and that was a great move indeed!
Here are some of the best examples of successful rebranding…

⦁ Apple


Apple’s first logo was not even close to what it is now. The 1976 logo featured Isaac Newton under the apple tree. They then changed the logo to a symbol of an apple in rainbow colors which lasted for more than two decades. Then, in 1998 Apple came up with monochrome logos.


Apple removed the word ‘computer’ from its name to be called ‘Apple Inc’. They came up with new, innovative products like iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Since 1997, Apple has come a long way apart from being a leader in the market of personal computers. The company has a successful platform for mobile apps (App store) and music (iTunes), breaking into the smartphone world (iPhone), capturing the tablet market (iPad), and making music portable (iPod).


Apple removed colors from the logo to give it new, clean, and fresh look reflecting minimalism. The entire transition from multi-colored logo to the crisp logo was made to make the company appear modern and sophisticated. They wanted to show the world that the company is not limited to specializing in computers, which is why they devised a communication strategy and changed the name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc.


Whether we look at the Apple logo evolution story or the change in the name of the company, every change has been done keeping single goal in mind: To make the company look fresh and modern. Tip of the day is to keep the name of the company generic so that it is not restricted to limited categories of products or services. Also, re-branding is important and you should keep refining till you come up with the best.

⦁ McDonald’s

McDonald’s is ruling on Chinese internet since the time it has changed its name from McDonald’s to Golden Arches on Oct 12, 2017, which means from Maidanglao to Jin Gong Men in Chinese.

The logos evolved every few years and turned out to be simpler and more effective every time. Here’s the evolution of McDonald’s logo…

The new packaging design of McDonald’s was the result of a week’s mammoth brainstorming session of designers from 7 agencies and consultancies from across the world. The new packaging is putting the brand in the front and centre without trying to be anything else.

Evolution of McDonald’s packaging:


McDonald’s made a major move by changing its menu to make better quality and healthier food. They decided to make chicken free of antibiotics and remove high-fructose corn syrup from its burger buns. They also switched the margarine with butter in Egg McMuffins and added iceberg lettuce, spinach and kale to its salads. In short, they replaced some items from their menu with healthier ones.

⦁ To evolve into more trusted and respected brand
⦁ To create an overall restaurant appearance to make customers feel good
⦁ To create better value to customers
⦁ To provide better customer service
⦁ To employ higher impact on marketing
⦁ To embrace long-term sustainable operations

A successful brand like McDonald’s is embarking on its rebranding strategy to heal the reputation and beat the competitors. When we say rebranding, it always does not mean logo and design change. Like McDonald’s, rebranding can be done from top to bottom, inside out. Find out the change you need in your brand and then begin!

⦁ Instagram

After Apple released a new iOS with flat design in 2013, all the apps started flattening their logos and app icons from 3D realistic-looking, skeuomorphic designs to 2D flat that fit the latest aesthetic. While all the competitors were re-branding, Instagram did not jump on bandwagon blindly.

Instead of following trends blindly, it took its time and came up with a new, flat app icon and app design in 2016. The icons for Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse, three daughter apps of Instagram also got updated. Their rainbow gradient coloured icon represents simple camera.

The strategy behind re-branding of Instagram was to brand for people, and not for the app itself. It removed the color from the app’s interface and put all the focus to the user’s content. The simpler design puts more focus on users’ photos and videos. They wanted the storytelling of Instagram users to look vibrant and diverse. Their aim was to make Instagram an open window for people to enhance their experience and stay connected in different ways.

While Snapchat was adding colors to its interface, Instagram was removing the colors. While Facebook taught the world to keep consistency in logo, Instagram was trying out new designs and palettes. Instagram’s re-branding was drastic; the new app icon as well as the minimalistic app interface. It is important to keep an eye on competitors, but not blindly follow what they do. Do what works the best for your brand.

⦁ Vodafone

In 2007, Vodafone acquired Hutch with ‘Hutch is now Vodafone’ campaign. Everything was changed to red, right from customer care centers to SIM card packets. In 2009, Vodafone had its first refresh with ‘Power to you’ strapline which it had used in all of its advertising and marketing campaigns. In 2017, Vodafone revamped its strategy, strapline, and visual identity. The campaign reads, ‘The future is exciting. Ready?’ The language of the first line varies from country to country followed by ‘Ready?’ in English. From white outline with red inside, the new logo has changed to red outline with white colour inside. Also, the logo appears in a new 2D design instead of a skeuomorphic 3D approach.


In 2007, they planned a strong set of promotional strategies ensuring maximum recall among the audience. They partnered with Star India to play their ads in every commercial break for the first 24 hours. They retained the Hutch Pug in their advertisements to appeal to larger audience. With the fast-paced change in technology, the Vodafone group wanted to bridge the gap between people and technology. To make the new technologies accessible to everyone and make lives of people easier, the company did the global brand re-positioning in 2017, which revolved around future optimism.

When Hutch became Vodafone, they didn’t let go off their Hutch Pug, so that audience can connect with the brand. The idea is to not let go off the emotional connect of the customers. It is a wise thing to not lose old customers, while trying to get new ones. Moreover, they worked hard and came up with the exciting strapline to make it thrilling for customers. Shortly, focus on the communication strategy, as it plays a huge role.

In the hustle and bustle of work, we fail to notice what works and what doesn’t for our brand. Have you ever thought the reason behind the reduction in sales or profit? It is quite possible that your brand is aging and needs a fresh touch. However, whether to embark on a rebranding journey or not is a tough decision. So, when do you decide it’s time to call a branding agency?
Here are top 12 signs your brand is ready for an upgrade:
⦁ Your image is dated and you want to shake it off.
⦁ You are targeting new audience in a new demographic.
⦁ Your brand name doesn’t evoke its vision or you have outgrown your original mission.
⦁ You have a lot of competitors, in this continuously evolving market.

⦁ You get traffic, but your visitors hardly get converted to customers.
⦁ Your branding is so confusing that you attract wrong clients.
⦁ You are too generic to stand out the crowd.
⦁ You hesitate to hand out your business card to potential clients.
⦁ You are undergoing merger or acquisition.
⦁ You want to fix a bad reputation.
⦁ You want to add products/services, basically expand.
⦁ You are no more attracting top talent.

Even those successful brands whose logos are iconic and recognisable to billions have done the rebranding. Of course, re-branding is not easy. It takes away a lot of time, money, and resources. However, if done right, it boosts your brand to a great level. So, if you notice any of the aforementioned signs, it’s time to rebrand now!

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