EvolutionCo’s got a new address

It’s just a couple of years ago that we had thought of looking for a new office space.

Our old space served good to us, but as we grew in number, it was so full that with each new employee coming in, we were converting our cabins and pantry into workspace. Rains made it too messy for us to cross the lane and reach office as tidy as we left home. As if that was not enough, we kept torches handy to cross that dark lane safely in the night.

That’s when we knew it was the time to leave that two-storey building.

In terms of requirements, we had three of them to be ticked…

1. Less than five-minute walk from Marol Naka Metro Station

2. Larger office

3. A good-looking corporate building

While two of the three ticks were easy, we got no place that ticked all the three. We had almost given up and had finalised a place that was large enough and in a good-looking building. However, it was not so close to the metro station. However, that agreement couldn’t happen (for the good) and we got an amazing space that was just a two-minute walk from metro station.

Yes, it checked off all our requirements!

After a bit of head scratching and negotiating, we finalised the place. Everyone was so excited that all the teams visited the new office in their free time while the final refurbishing was going on.

Soon, we shifted to the new office over the weekend. Of course, we went by the Indian tradition and embarked on a new digital journey with puja and celebrations.

So now, the question is, “Did we make the right decision by moving to this new office?”

I can answer pretty confidently on behalf of the entire EvolutionCo family and the answer is a big YES!

There is a noticeable optimistic vibe in the environment and positive impact on the overall atmosphere of our studio. Collaboration has reached to the next level and teams are getting more productive each day.
The new office is 100 percent aligned with our needs and everything in office has a genuine purpose that serves the requirement for the teams. We ensured considering everyone’s needs, but of course, a few things didn’t turn out to be the way we wanted. For example, there’s no gym in the office. But hey, you just can’t get everything!

Anyway, enough of the talking! Why don’t you go to our website and take a tour of our new office? We have just posted a video there! You can also visit our office and take a look yourself if you are passing by!

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