We often get clients who are eager to create engaging content from day one without setting up a blueprint. A blueprint here would be:

Does your brand have an identity?
Who are you making your content for?
Where will they read it?
How will the content get noticed?

In order to reach full potential, you will need to devise some pre and post content development strategies that are unique to your objectives. This is where building authority content comes in.

Becoming a content authority makes your brand a recognizable expert in the field. In a way, your brand name becomes synonymous with the niche industry. So, how do you create authority content? As one of the best marketing agencies in India, we have helped many businesses become thought-leaders in their industry. Here’s how we did it.



To be an authority, you have to first dive into the research. Research is important for two reasons:

What are your Competitors Writing about?

Your brand is not the only one striving to build authority content. Competitor analysis provides key insights like what topics are being written on and what kind of content clicks with the audience.

Discover what Users Want

Find out what information your audience wants. When building authority content, it is vital to find out what information your audience wants before writing on it.

Good research will provide plenty of insight so you can take your next step.

Pick the Right Topics

To pick the right topics for your audience, you need to know what they are searching for and what they want to read. But, that’s not all. Your audience’s query can oscillate from basic questions to in-depth technical questions. Picking the right topics is a strategic decision that will help brand your business.

Take for example, a financial consultation business. The audience will have a basic question like: How to save money? And also have a complex question like: How to use COVID19 to build a Financial Advantage?

To present your brand as a thought-leader - pick the complex topic. These are topics that have immense potential for you to present your expertise.

Leverage your Experience

Borrow information from books and online sources to create content, but what builds your brand name as a content authority is your personal experience.

For example, Neil Patel conducts a lot of SEO experiments and converts it into posts.


A post from Neil Patel

Another example is James Altucher who uses real-life conversations with other entrepreneurs in his content pieces.


A post from James Altucher

Leverage your industry in the content you are sharing. This is vital if you want to standout from the crowd and build your brand.

Create Thought-Leadership Content

Creating content that people are searching for? That’s great! But - that is not enough.

Go beyond creating content that your audience is searching for.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is there any new trend in the industry?
Do you have a future vision for the industry?
Is there any industry practice you want to comment on?
Any advice you want to impart to customers?

By asking these questions, you can create thought-leadership content and build authority content.

Content Dissemination

You can create some amazing content, but it is pointless if no one reads it.

Ensure that your content is shared on the platforms that your audience is on. Here are some platforms to consider:

Your website

Furthermore, discover how to repackage for your content into different mediums. For example, Instagram is a very visual medium, so designing an infographic series is a fantastic idea. Short videos on Facebook is a great idea.

As one of the best marketing agencies in India, we have frequently helped our clients to become content authorities in their field by implementing these points. A key element is to remember when building authority content is that it takes time. This is not a step that can be done in one day. It’s vital to generate content frequently.

At EvolutionCo, we create content strategies that lift brands to become more recognizable by simply creating authority content. It’s not loud like an advertisement, but when users search information, the expert brand has the answer.

So, when are you building your authority content?

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