11 reasons to boost your social media game

Today, a small writing on social media can take the world by a storm. The level of engagement and reach is immense. In an era like that, the absence of your company on social media is not going to do any good. However good you are doing offline, a social media presence is actually the cherry on the top of the cake – no moots on that!

“Social Media is an ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”

– Amy Jo Martin

Your brand name reaches the next level through social media, here’s how-
⦁ Customised Effect:
Your audience follows you as they have a liking towards what you have to offer. Your presence on the social media platform that your customer prefers, automatically serves the personal touch. Also, two-way communication process such as responding to DMs, comments, etc are vital add-ons. Not to forget usage of words like ‘you’ and ‘yours’ gives a feeling that it is tailor-made just for them.

⦁ Excitement levels:
Contest alerts trigger the excitement level of the viewer. Also, posts that ask the audience to tag or comment makes it more engaging and triggers the fun level! Nothing more than making the consumer feeling special and awaiting their response.



⦁ Further Brand Positioning:
Majority of the people who follow your business on social media, are the people who are interested in the services that you have to offer. Other minority includes the people who are either indifferent to your presence or are competitors. With the presence on social media, you can further nurture your brand the way you want to – as an expert in that domain, as customer-centric, as the best deal offeror and a lot more.

⦁ Live Streaming:
Getting live updates about an event straight from the venue – who doesn’t vouch for that? You want to be there even if you aren’t there! Thus, more and more leads get attracted in turn paving way for more business.

⦁ Credibility:
After you come across a brand in an exhibition, the first thing that you would surely do is check it’s digital presence. With the changing trends and thoughts, having a social media presence is equivalent to being legit! You tend to rely on or trust the brand more if you see it’s wide presence.

⦁ Further Credibility:
Placing customer testimonials – recorded or illustrated is always a plus factor for the brand. Potential buyers look up for testimonials given by fellow buyers before they freeze their buying decision. Displaying testimonials is always a way to grab more attention and concrete the trust among the consumers about their offerings

⦁ Top of the head:
With the continuous posting of content, you enter the league of hammer-effect. Multiple posts by you on the same day takes a good amount on their home-feed. This can have a lasting effect on their mind. It also calls for more likes and followers on the platform.

⦁ Increase in website traffic
It’s a healthy practice to mention the website address on social media platforms. If the audience likes the kind of content you are posting, they sure would like to hunt you down on the website. The major factor in building the website is to increase it’s traffic – more and more people get aware of the services and products that you have to offer. Thus, triggering further brand awareness and the ball’s in your court!

⦁ Boosts sales
If you are an e-commerce company, your sales are sure to shoot up. There’s an option to have carousel ads and also a ‘Shop Now’ button. Besides, creating regular posts with a caption “DM us if you need this product.” boosts the sales numbers. It makes the sales process more efficient

⦁ Easy content transmission
It is easy to post and upload content as social media profiles are easy and user-friendly. One can schedule posts before hand on various platforms if they are on the go.

⦁ Real-time feedback
This can also be counted as a drawback. As any minor product-related problem posted on social media can make a big news-headline – degrading the company image. However, it also helps to work on flaws. It allows innovation and product improvement. After working on the drawbacks, you can get back to that consumer and serve them the refined product – builds furthermore credibility!

With the above points thought through and applied, one after the other – you sure going to make your business worthy enough.

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